Kogi pilgrims at Arafat, leaves for musdalifer at sun set today,(Friday). offer prayers for Kogi, Nigeria

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Pilgrims from Kogi state and other pilgrims from across the world are all in Arafat presently, ( Today Friday), in continuation of their religious obligations to Saudi Arabia.
The pilgrims as a tradition had both Zuhul and Asr prayers combined.
The Executive chairman of the Kogi state Hajj Commission, Sheikh Luqman Imam Abdullahi, delivered a sermon, where he enumerated the essence of Hajj and it’s benefits.
He admonished pilgrims to pray for the leaders both at the state and federal level for Allah’s protection and guidance and the peace of the land
The Amirul Hajj, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Ahmed Tijany Muhammad Anaj equally calls for prayers for peace in his kingdom, kogi State and Nigeria as a whole.
The pilgrims are expected expected to leave for musdalifer at sunset, where they will pick pebbles, for the symbolic stoning of the devil in Munn
The ritual is expected to commence tomorrow, (Saturday), as Muslims observed the first day of Eid-al Adha or feast of sacrifice which marks the end of Hajj.

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