Kogi governoship: women group advocate power shift to Kogi West

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A group of women across the three Senatorial Districts of Kogi state has added their voices to the growing calls for power shift to the state Western Senatorial district.

The women, in their thousands who staged a road work in Lokoja on Saturday called on all political parties aspiring to take over from the Alhaji Yayaha Bello led administration come January 2024 to consider allowing Kogi produce the next Governor.

Alhaja Salamotu Asabe Danfulani who spoke on behalf of the group called on the state Governor to put machinery in motion that would make it possible for Kogi West to produce the next Governor.

Danfulani argued that since the other two Senatorial Districts, namely East and Central have spent 24 years to govern the state, it’s only fair to allow the West which has never had a taste do so this this time.

According to her,since the creation of the state 32 years ago,Kogi West has not been opportuned to produce the governor.

“The state belongs to all of us,there is not part of the state that is inferior to the other,we must have equal rights, if the other two Senatorial Districts have had a shot at the position,the West should also be allowed.” She stated.

Danfulani also called on statekeholders across political divide and across the length and breadth of the state to support the aggitation of power shift.

“We have supported them in the past,it’s only just for them to support our position this time around.” She added.

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