In panic, APC resorts to falsehood.

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Frightened by the unmistakable and unstoppable prospects of the loss of Presidential election, the All Progressives Congress ( APC) has, in panic mode, resorted to outright falsehood against His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, the imaginary APC cabals in the Villa, the Governor of Central Bank, the Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC) and even the leader of their Party, President Muhammadu Buhari.

The current narrative being peddled is anchored on a conspiracy theory involving the aforementioned in an agenda that reflects ethnic pursuit.

Having boasted that the APC has money to buy votes and having failed to mask behind a pretentious preference of power shift to the South, the new song is now against the indomitable Atiku as the favourite of the powers in Aso Rock, the Governor of the Central Bank and the Managing Director of NNPC. And I ask, if the humiliated Nigerian masses and the key figures of the APC administration are against APC in an election year , how can it think of victory in the Presidential election?

Going by the propagated lies of the power hawks in APC led by Nasir El-Rufai all things have ever been done to favour Atiku. By their postulation, the APC cabals in Aso Rock have done everything to favour Atiku, including the trillions of naira debt overhang, the spiralling inflation, insecurity, fuel scarcity, job losses, brain drain and unemployment.

Those who have positioned themselves to benefit from the unlikely and inconceivable Tinubu presidency are feeling so threatened, hopeless and rudderless that they have even now taken their own President to court over his refusal to endorse their evil agenda of using public funds to buy votes. As it happened in the Egypt of old, their money has failed in their hands.

Nigerians are discerning enough to know the leaders that can serve them. They have given the APC a long rope, which it has used to hand itself. Nigerians have seen beyond the lies and propaganda of APC.

The greatest campaigners against APC today is APC, even their Presidential candidate has reminded Nigerians of the governance disaster that is responsible for the fall of the exchange rate of the Naira to the dollar from N200-N800. Tinubu is also disenchanted with his own Party that is sponsoring him for the election that he awarded the APC administration the superlative and novel grade of F11! Truly, a man’s greatest enemies are members of his household.

To the glory of God, Atiku is advancing rapidly to breast the tape. Like a striker on the soccer field, his opponents and defenders are doing everything to launch a sliding tackle. At this stage of the game, Atiku is already in the penalty box.

The more the tackle the greater his prospect of scoring. And with the panic defense being launched by the APC, it is obvious that they have, by their own confusion, scored an own goal. Head or tail, Atiku is the winner, as we now have the hosting fans booing their own home team and applauding the opponent.

Nigerians should expect more lies from APC, but all will amount to nothing. In tandem with the eneke bird in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, since the APC leaders have learnt to lie without blinking, Nigerians have learned to disbelieve them without doubting.

God bless Nigeria.

Senator Dino Melaye Spokesperson and Director Public Affairs PDP Presidential Campaign Management Committee

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