Hon. Abejide donates various brand of vehicles to 48 traditional rulers in Yagba.

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A member representing Yagba federal Constituency, Honourable Leke Abejide has gifted various brand of vehicles to 48 traditional rulers in Yagba.

Presenting the vehicles to first class, second class and third class Traditional rulers on Wednesday in Isanlu he said as they approach 2023 general elections, he need there prayers for God’s protection upon him, his family and to be victorious at the polls.

His words, “Today is an history in the making in Kogi State as this is one of its kind in the history of our State, Kogi where an individual will be given out all graded Kings in his Federal Constituency SUV popularly called Jeeps.

“This is not part of my electioneering campaign in 2019 but when I noticed that even few First Class Kings ride on bike(Okada) while most Second Class and Third Class Obas have no Motorcycle at all. Apart from being in Government I am one of the privileged few that God blessed immensely before I got to Government and I am the type that can sacrifice everything I have to make people happy and this is what makes me to sacrifice everything by putting smiles on every Obas in Yagba East, Yagba West and Mopamuro Federal Constituency and by extension the Communities of the beneficiary Obas.

“Today there will be no giving out the Jeeps by proxy because of the humongous costs of the amount involved to procure each of the SUV so it will given directly to the beneficiary Oba. Any Kabiesi not available will have his SUV securely kept till when there will be time for the arrangements to be made. It is not a common gesture anywhere in the whole Country-Nigeria.

“When Agbana of Isanlu on behalf of other Obas made a plea of how our Obas can have vehicles because some of them ride on Okadas while few who have vehicles are rickety vehicles that can breakdown umpteenth times within a distance of one kilometer in a bid to attend a meeting of the traditional council. Some will missed the meeting because by the time the vehicle is repaired the meeting would have been over.

“In Yagba Federal Constituency we have Eight (8) FIRST CLASS KINGS, Seven (7) SECOND CLASS KINGS and 33 THIRD CLASS KINGS and today all will be given HIGHLANDER JEEPS as my support and to make life comfortable for all our Kings across the entire Yagba Fede Constituency.

“Now for ungraded Obas that are twenty (20) in number i want to say you are not forgotten; it just I am already overwhelmed by the numbers of Obas graded to provide the SUV to all of them. Let me say to you that God willing when I return to the House of Representatives for second term I will ensure you get cars before the expiration of my second term. If am unable to provide it at once it will be done in batches starting from Yagba West, Yagba East and Mopamuro. It may take a little time because the cost involved is not an easy task to bear for a single person but grace of God will help me.

“Let me use this medium to appeal to each Community Association to join hands together with their Kabiesi for maintenance of this vehicles. It is easier to maintain than to do a fund raising to buy just one vehicle of about N12m or N13m in this time. Many Communities are finding it difficult to raise just N5m during Launching.

“As an addendum to this program, I want all Obas in Oke Oyi to join me at IFEOLUKOTUN on 29th December,2022 by 10:00AM for the Flagg off of IFEOLUKOTUN-



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