Don't Incite Igalas Against PDP Leaders in Kogi East— PDP Warns Onoja.

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Desperate and self seeking politicians masqurading as populist crusaders are on stage in the Confluence State.
Their mission is to incite the people against former Governors Ibrahim Idris and his successor Capt. Idris Ichalla Wada. A self styled ‘leader’ and Chief of Staff to the State Governor Mr. Edward Onoja is the arrowhead of the campaigns of calumy.
Onoja’s latest charade is in a video where he literally whipped up sentiments against the former governors and their offsprings. In the video currently trending in the social media, Onoja accused the two PDP leaders of plotting to force their wards into governorship and other leadership positions in the state.
He is unhappy that a son of Ibrahim is among the strong contenders for the Kogi governorship and called for an uprising against the family. “I advice you for your own interest, come and join us, let us stop this yesterday’s men.” He incited.
Our great party, takes strong exception to Onoja’s immersion and love of spreading lies and turning our leaders to punching bags.
These elder-statesmen have built a reputation of hard work, patriotism, and diligence over the years. We will not continue to watch an opportunist degrade them on the alter of selfish political maneuvering and rascality. He who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. Onoja needs to briddle his tongue.
The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC is yet to release guidelines for the forthcoming Kogi Governorship election. We however assure that as a law abiding and democratic group, the PDP reserves its tickets not only for the qualified but the best among the aspirants irrespective of birth, creed and class.
In any case, we make bold to say that all qualified indigines of Kogi state, including children of former governors and those whose parents have never tasted the exalted office alike, have inalienable rights to vie for the number one position in our land.
We warn Onoja and his cohorts to halt his unprovoked tirades and desist from further meddling in the internal workings of our great party. 
Onoja’s invitation to mutiny is futile. The primary concern of an average Kogite today is not the height, color or parentage of those seeking to govern him or her. It is the ability to deliver good governance characterized by sincerity of purpose, welfarism and rapid socio-economic recovery from the years of locusts, which the clueless APC regime has engendered. Kogites are nostalgic about security of lives and properties, prompt payment of salaries and infrastructure development.
We are shocked at the level of self adulation of Onoja as revealed in his reference to himself as leader of Kogi East.
Leadership is earned through character and service. Not by wishful thinking. The zone has produced two living former governors, a deputy governor, 3 ministers, 4 Senators, many Deputy Speakers and at least 4 former Chief of Staffs among others. Certainly, it can not parade a character like Onoja, whose highest public office is not more than a custodian of records to an opportunistic regime, as its leader.
We urge the good people of Kogi state to disregard Onoja’s virtuperations and call to insurrections. Further more, we encourage them not to despair in the face of the glaring ineptitude of the APC government.
Rather, Kogites should remain resolute in their determination to vote out a No Direction government which has foistered nothing but hardship, sorrows, tears and blood on our fatherland. 
Deep in his conscience, if he has any, Onoja knows Kogi people have loudly rejected the APC leadership in the state.
They will be louder in their rejection during the governorship poll. For him and his pay master, defeat is imminent. No level of terrorization can stop the people’s collective will.
Achadu Dickson
Director, Research and Documentation, Kogi PDP.

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