Buhari Signs 2022 Electoral Amendment Bill

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Some few days to party primaries, President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday signed into law the recently amended 2022 electoral act.

The exclusion of House of Representatives, senate and other politicians from voting in their parties’ primaries by the 2022 electoral act had been a bone of contention for a while.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives had convened last week for an emergency sessions following the omission, where they amended the act to provide for statutory delegates to vote and be voted for in the forthcoming political parties primaries and conventions.

However, with few days left for the primaries to take place, politicians have been pressuring Buhari to sign it in order to avert crisis.

Confirming the signing, Emeka Chinedu representing Ahiazu/ Ezinihittee Mbaise federal constituency in the House of Representatives, said the bill was eventually signed today, May 21.

“I can confirm to you that Mr President signed the bill into law this afternoon and we are all happy about it as it will give us and other statutory delegates the power to vote at the primaries,” Chinedu told Businessday

“The amendment was swiftly done by the national assembly members to legally provide a place in the Act for statutory delegates of political parties to vote during their congresses and conventions.

“It will indeed do a lot of good for the upcoming party primaries.”

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