Associate Professor FUL, Anthony Danladi Ali Visits world of The Dead, Recounts His Experience

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Sunday February 20, 2022, 2:23am in dream as I sleep in the three bedroom house I built at No. 286 Area 3 Zango Daji Lokoja, my soul left my body, I died. I walked to the world of the dead across the river Niger at Kabawa, Lokoja.

The place was a large expanse of land barricaded by a wall fence with only one entrance – a door that can only contain one person passing through at a time and once the dead goes in they cannot come out.

There were two tall men standing at the entrance inside and another man in native attire, buba and trouser in control of all that happens there. There were many people I cannot count already there. They were mostly below the ages of 45 years. They were all seated on the floor. I went in and sat on the floor close to the man in charge near the entrance.

I did not see anyone above 60 years. There were no foreigners. Something common among them is that they were all in suspense awaiting God’s final judgment for a particular sin they have committed. They have lived a life of sin uncommitted to God. But they do not know which of the sin they will be held for. I do not have the slightest idea of what I will be judged for.

I can’t remember if I have done anything against God so I was indifferent –NOT AFRAID. People kept entering the narrow entrance. The place got fuller and fuller. They know they are in another world but nothing is going on there. No one can leave the place. I remember I have properties on earth but I do not care who inherited them. It is no longer the business of the dead who inherited his or her properties.

There is no separate world of the dead for Christians or Muslims or Atheist; for rich or poor, male or female, educated or illiterate. No sleep, no ambition, no possessions, no preacher, no teacher, no servant, no master, no father, mother, brother, sister, relatives. No friend, no enemy, all are equal and bound to common fate -Judgment.

There is memory of past deeds while on earth but no opportunity to repent. It seems there is a world of the dead for the departed souls in a particular location and are kept around the vicinity e.g Nigeria. Death is not painful but the fear of death. You walk there yourself not far away. It is a place of endless waiting – no time perspective.

The dead are no longer afraid of poverty, sickness, or any adversity neither are they hungry, thirsty, or sexy or sleepy or tired. The only thing they fear and are worried about is judgment and they do not know when it will come.

A prostitute young woman in skirt and blouse ash color was too lousy and wants to quickly make friend with the sixty years old man in charge of the place by repeating whatever the man said to someone.

The man simply told her “your private part is like dagger. You have used it to kill many men while on earth. You will soon get your reward.” The young woman did not want to be reminded of this at all. The man said this to her intentionally to make the woman keep quiet but she kept interloping in his speech but he will not mind her.

People kept entering the narrow door from this world. More male are entering than female. Once they enter, the man pointed to where they will sit on the floor assisted by the two ushers. They sit and waited endlessly. No friendship or any kind of collaboration, no uniform, no aged above 70 years. No fighting, no quarrel, no envy or parentage in the world of the dead.

They are not conscious of what you are doing. No one is sober or spend time to think. There is no opportunity to do good. You are not better than those in the world of the dead because the river I crossed in the dream represents the boundary between the world of the dead and this present world.

The dead cannot cross over to this world because there is a force beyond their own power. They don’t even think about it and they knew that the people of this world will not welcome them back. The dream about death and the world of the dead was given to me because I asked God to give me message before I retire to bed on Saturday February 19 2022, 11:30pm after praying.

However, this was not the message I expected. I expected a prophecy about my future on earth or about my country, Nigeria, although, I was not specific.

Sometimes you ask God for a message and you are given something unexpected but exclusive. There is something peculiar to people on earth, they know what has happened to them but can’t predict what will happen next to them either in opulence or in penury.

I am sharing this message with the people of the world perhaps they would learn to do good deeds while still in this corrupt world.
– Associate Professor Anthony Danladi Ali.
Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria.


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