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Technological trajectories are inseparable for development in employments and production and it is essential to determine which types of innovation will best serve the country in attaining the threefold objectives of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability enshrined in the Buhari administrations sustainable development pact and agenda with the people through science and technology
The agency responsible for the achievement of this sustainable development agenda through science and technology is the National space research and development agency, (NASRDA).

The agency has tried and successfully too to face some of the challenges that our country faces and which it aims to help craft solutions by identifying public policies that can pave the way to move forward inclusive and sustainable developments.

This is simply because each country,s positioning in todays global economy depends on its ability to absorb knowledge and move closer to the technology frontiers.Where do our country stands in this respect?. That is the question NASRDA seems to answer through its exhibitions in the sustaining science and technology trade fair it organised recently.

Fortunately, through NASRDA, progress has been made in the impacts of science and technology,s role in our national economy in national development in Nigeria.The indicators of innovation efforts and access to technology are among the themes addressed by NASRDA at the trade fair.

The indicators shows that it is promising. Nigeria has been richly positioned to absorb and participate in knowledge creation in new technologies paradigms, particularly in the general purpose technologies that spread through and influence the entire production systems and thanks to NASRDA led by the most articulate director general, Dr Halilu Ahmad Shaba.

The recent innovative trade fair to showcase the role of science and technologies in enhancing sustainable economic developments of Nigeria organised by the agency is therefore a deliberate step in the right direction that needs to be commended.

The agency through this fair have shown that it is ready and braced to confront some of the challenges that our country faces in its developmental quest by grafting solutions through local contents development to identify and showcase the nation,s recent achievements in science and technology through innovation and knowledge generation, global tremes and national challenges, intellectual property and patenting, human resources and scientific capabilities.

The new technology and digital revolutions,keys for developments, agriculture,eco-innovation,taking advantages of the opportunities presented by the new global models of sustainable consumption and production.

The trade fair by NASRDA is therefore a commendable step by the agency to showcase the science and technology capabilities of Nigeria.

This science and technology exhibition which has as its theme the role of science and technology to the sustainable economic developments has come at the right time especially as the government of President Mohammed Buhari has never hidden its intention to deliberately move the country away from its total dependence on the petroleum sector of the national economy to other areas of the economy that has huge potential in taking our economy to the next level.

One of this area is the science and technology field.The NASRDA as an agency has not failed in this regard as it has shown consistently that our country would not be left behind in the global science and technological field.

In recognition of the fact by NASRDA that no nation in the world has ever developed without proper utilization of its science and technology innovation, NASRDA has shown through the theme of this expo that it is fully committed to the belief of our president, Mohammad Buhari that this must be the path our country must follow as well.

This expo has shown that we have some of the brightest and best mind in the world in the innovation economy and we as citizens are now convinced that this cohorts can and should be at the vanguard of our efforts to not only foster economic development but to reposition Nigeria entirely,as an innovative haven.

This expo has made many aware of the efforts of the agency and its parent ministry,the federal ministry of science and technology in its efforts and contribution to the provision of home grown solutions especially in the global science and technology world and enhance the economy.

NASRDA has worked to bridge the digital divide by increasing access to broadband connectivity with our national broadband plan.This plan are aimed at achieving 90percent broadband penetration by the year 2025.

We are now aware through this expo that our country,s march towards science and technological enhancement as the economic enhancer of the future is on course and only a few African countries have met the target we set for ourselves but as a result of the challenges of this critical economic times and this sector of the economy, the governments effort of allocating a minimum of 0.5percent of our GDP to research and innovations as a way to fast track meaningful economic development is already gaining results.

The presidents executive order 5 which was inspired by the recognition of the vital role science, technology and innovation plays in national economic development and sustainability especially in promoting domestic good and services are commendable and the results are what we saw at the expo.

Finally, the expo is a statement of NASRDA managements strategic commitment to the presidents order for planning and execution of contracts, promotion of the Nigerian content in contracts in science,engineering and technology, to harness domestic talents and develop indigenous capacities in science and technology and above all promote national competativeness and productivity across the science sectors of the economy.

NASRDA is deliberately expanding the opportunities open to those fields by its continued supports.

This expo is a demonstration of this commitments.
Musa Wada

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