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The commencement of the GYB2PYB movement across the country was borne out of the commitment and conviction of the Kogi State House of Assembly led by Rt. Hon. (Prince) Matthew Kolawole who has from the onset of the 7th assembly adopted Governor Yahaha Bello as the number twenty sixth member of the Assembly.

The Governor’s adoption as a honorary member of the 7th Assembly is as a result of the cordial working relationship that have existed between the Executive and legislative arms in the state hence it was not difficult since it is a symbiotic relationship that has built bridges of trust among them..

However, the Kogi State House of Assembly based on their existing mutual working relationship and in line with the mood of the nation that is craving for a young, energetic, pragmatic, fearless, bold, honest leader with the capacity to unify and manage the country’s diversity like that of Kogi State. A motion moved in the Assembly urged Governor Yahaya Bello to aspire and run for the highest office in the country with a resolution to move round the country to sensitize and advocate for the North Central zone that have been marginalized since the country became independent in 1960.

In line with the resolution of December 2020, the Assembly on their own embarked on the advocacy visit to different states Houses of Assembly across the country to sensitize their colleagues being the representatives of the grassroots to be part of the generational shift that will bring in a new order in the country for the overall development of the nation.

The journey which commenced in January 2021 in Bauchi State House of Assembly being home state of the National Chairman, Conference of Nigeria State House of Assembly Legislatures Speakers, Rt. Hon. Suleiman Y. Abubakar.

While in Bauchi the delegation after extensive deliberations with their colleagues saw reasons while North Central and Governor Yahaya Bello should be given support to emerge as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023. They also met with other stakeholders who believe in the spirit of fairness, equity and justice which should be the hallmark of our national polity.

In total, the delegation has visited more than twenty states across various zones in the country and their message was well received for the North Central zone which has continued to play pivotal roles in keeping the country together should be considered for the Presidency as the zone is blessed with abundant human and natural resources that if properly harness, will make the country better.

It is pertinent to state that the recently acceptability and endorsement of Governor Yahaya Bello by States Assembly legislatures across the country is not without the concerted efforts of Prince Matthew Kolawole led Assembly who painstakingly used their resources and personal contacts to move round the country and mobilize people of honour and high integrity within the Assembly members elected under the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress to buy into the GYB2PYB project, 2023.

It is now public knowledge that Governor Yahaya Bello is one of the most serious aspirants and the best material to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari come 2023 considering his giant strides in security, human capital development, infrastructure development, unification of all tribes and religious belief in Kogi State, youths and women inclusiveness in governance.

It will be recalled that when he assumed office in 2016, the state was the den of kidnappers, armed and bank robbery among other crimes were thriving in the state. But all that has changed courtesy of his Pragmatic leadership.

Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole has set a new order in the political emancipation of Nigeria as this will be the first time in the political history of the country that the legislative arm will go all out to mobilize and canvass for the Executive arm to be considered for an elective position without jeopardizing their statutory roles of making laws that will promote the good governance of the state.

Kolawole has not left anyone in doubt in the agitation for the next President of Nigeria to come from the North Central geopolitical zone as it is not out of place rather it is a legitimate call for the zone to be treated fairly in the scheme of things, as the area remain the only zone that has not produced an elected President and Vice President respectively since 1960.

The Kogi Speaker has continued to convince people of notes that Governor Yahaya Bello remains one of the best personalities to take Nigeria out of the woods of insecurity and economic woes.

He continues to reassure Nigerians that Governor Yahaya Bello has the capacity to turnaround the security and economy situation of the country within a short period as the President.

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