2023: TNN begins mobilisation of 30m Nigerians for Tinubu

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… Want him adopted consensus candidate

The All Referendum People Movement (ARP-M), a coalition of New Reformation Unity Forum (NRUF) and Tinubu Non-Negotiable (TNN) has begun mobilisation of 30 million Nigerians to support the presidential bid of Bola Tinubu, national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) .

Kunle Okunola, the convener, national and global coordinator of the movement, stated this at the closing ceremony of the three day Southern Nigeria conference which was attended by the movement’s states executives and leaders across Southern Nigeria and held at the Voyage Inn, Orgun, Ikeja.

Okunola, noted that having been the first group which in 2017 publicly called for Tinubu to contest the presidency in 2023 which had been yielded to by him, it was now time to mobilise massive support for him to emerge victorious in the presidential election.

He, however, canvassed the need for political parties in the country to adopt Tinubu as it presidential candidate because he was the most suited for the job, adding that the movement had open a portal in which eligible Nigerians who are up to voting age was been registered to join the movement since it was founded several years back.

The APC chieftain further noted that the movement would not limit itself to any political party because there is no difference between the political parties which is the reason people jump from one political party to another.

According to Okunola, “We have realised that Tinubu has declared his ambition and we are the pioneer movement that urged him to come and rescue Nigeria. Today he made it known he is contesting, the next line of action is to sensitise Nigeria toward the need to vote to vote across political parties, and across religion and ethnicity line.

“This movement exists across the country and 46 countries in the world, we are also presenting candidates for election in 2023 across the country, but for the president we are supporting Tinubu.”

Speaking further, “Our aim is to present Tinubu as a consensus candidate. We remember the case of General Sani Abacha, where all the political parties adopted him as their presidential candidate. Tinubu deserves to be a consensus candidate, the reason we are mobilizing 30 million Nigerians across political parties.

“The essence of the Southern Conference is to achieve unity, cohesion, using political solutions to solve Nigeria’s problem. “We are the pioneer movement which called Bola Tinubu to come and rescue Nigeria and today he has made it known he wants to contest for the presidency.

“Our movement has achieved 75 percent of our goal and our next line of action is to sensitize Nigerians towards the need to vote across political parties, religions and tribes.”


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