Abejide paid the 4th year WAEC fees with administrative charges for all students in Yagba.

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The Member House of Representatives, representing Yagba Federal Constituency, Honourable Leke Abejide has launched the grand finale of the 4th year WAEC Fees payment in Yagba Federal Constituency.

The presentation of bank drafts to all schools across the three local governments took place at the local government headquarters while the grand finale for the 4th year payment was launched at Isanlu Yagba east local government with Royal fathers, parents and beneficiaries present.

In his speech, Hon. Leke Abejide acknowledged the presence of the Royal fathers and everyone at this year’s waec payment grand finale, he said this year’s payment makes it the 4th disbursement across Yagba, in this huge project students from private and public schools benefited.

He stated emphatically that Yagba Federal Constituency can be described as being very lucky in Kogi state, Yagba is the only constituency that the payment of Waec is no longer hitch for the parents.

He said during the last Mega empowerment, the payment for both private and public schools will continue until the government takes over the payment.

Hon. Abejide said “I am mulling the idea of extending the payment to the entire Kogi West Senatorial District, I am not pleased with the state of our children who always drop out of school from SS2 due to school fees due to financial difficulties.

The lawmaker challenged critics to take up the good work especially since they want to compete with him they should use the opportunity to pay for the NECO examination for both private and public schools since it is cheaper in terms of cost.

” If you think it’s easy kindly give it a shot to know if it’s a child’s play or not”. My projects are people influencing.

Hon. Leke also addressed issues being raised by an Aspirant, who has been visiting media outlets in Abuja, boasting to journalists, that he wants to take the House of Representatives seat from Hon. Leke, while he was also gathering information against him. While the ICPC came to check the constituency projects they returned with good news haven checked and saw that they were perfectly executed.

He noted, that just in two and half year’s of office he has spent more than 20 times more than what he can get in the government. ” Yagba is one of the most envied constituencies, the name of the Constituency rings a bell across the country in terms of human development index, capital projects and quality representation.

Hon. Abejide in his response to the Aspirant declared that if the Young man has the capacity, the wherewithal to take the responsibility that he shoulders at the moment then the man can go ahead.

” The bars of representation is already raised very high in Yagba Federal Constituency, God will not allow whoever wants to bring it down to take the seat”.

Hon. Abejide also mentioned, the reconstruction of Iluagba -Isanlu road, he said this year laying of Asphalt on the road especially the Mopa township axis will be embarked on, we have other Yagba roads and rural roads for construction as well.

“The Chairman, House Committee on Works noticed my efforts on the road and gave a special fund for the portion I am executing. I have put it on myself that this is what I will be doing yearly, this year we will flag some other roads”. He said.

Hon. Abejide addressed the students encouraging them to know that they are the light and hope of today for a greater future. He enjoyed the students always formulate to work the words of Abraham Lincoln as they study:- ” I will study and get ready, someday my time will come”. He reminded them that there is no magic to success, it is about hard work, right choices and persistence with the words of Henry Wadsworth ” The heights great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, rather they were attained while their companions slept they toiling in the night.

He motivated them not to consent to peer pressure, say what we see on the internet about some youths is alarming, they believe in shortcuts to making money and fame. “Students I want you all to shun all social vices, despicable acts and hooliganism. Resist peer pressure and remain focused, also set goals for yourselves, ask teachers questions and study and in all pray to God to crown your efforts with success”.

Hon. Abejide congratulated all beneficiaries of this year’s payment and their parents. He coveted all their prayers that God grant him more strength, grace and opportunities to do more of these. While he prayed that God will bring down the enemies of Yagba raising heads against the progress that the people are witnessing at this time.

He charged them to brace up the next challenge ahead. “The election is near, your PVC is your voice and it’s another opportunity to choose the next calibres of Leaders wisely, he said.

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