Latest development has emerged on the horse rider (ATOBE), who ‘transported’ the remains of His Majesty, Dr Shekarau Angyu Masa – Ibi, CON, The AKU UKA, to the spirit word.

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Atobe had volunteered to take the corpse of the monarch to his ancestors in Nando.

IDOMA VOICE gathered that the journey to the burial ground takes three days, at a point he (the rider) will be left all alone, the horse and body of the Aku Uka. He must deliver it to the gods, owners of the crest of the Aku Uka.

Yes, he should, he might not come back any more– if he does, he becomes in fable, he will be feared, looked at as a ghost. The horse, an innocent calf, has to go together with the body of the king.

However, after some days, Atobe came back alive, unlike others in the past who were consumed by the anger of the gods.

Many have hauled Atobe for his heroic did.

He has been tagged as man and a substantiated tenancy spirit.
The man that scuffled with the ghost prevailed.

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