We don’t share money to people in Kwara– Senator Oloriegbe

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The Senator Represent Kwara Central Senatorial District in the national assembly, Senator Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe has said that they don’t share money to people in the state but the ability for them to sustain themselves, ability to get educated, to access health care are what they share to people in the state.

Oloriegbe stated this on Sunday at 2021 constituency project provisions of instructional materials to selected schools in Kwara Central Senatorial District facilitated by him

He said “we have health, education, economic empowerment, what we intend to achieve is to make people self-sustain for them to be able to have things to do

“The other one is that we have to educate, we have to improve our education, learning and teaching can only happened when you have instructional materials.

“The governor of the state is doing a lot of renovations and improvement in the infrastructure of our schools we are supporting that through the instructional materials just like I said we have supported many schools with laboratories equipment.

“This is to ensure that the students of the children of Kwara get the quality education required so that Kwara will not only be first in debate we will be able to produce great scientist from this state, great artisans, great artists, lawyers and so on

” In addition to that, health is wealth, we are empowering our people to be able to access health care, is all about sustainability these are sustainable because every year the Federal government, the State government will have budget

“As far as the government continue to generate resources and revenue so we will be able to continue to impact on our people what is different is that we are allowing the people’s money to work for them this is not what is happening in the past, we don’t give people money, we don’t share money to people what we share to people is the ability for them to sustain themselves, the ability for them to get educated, the ability to access health care” he said

Oloriegbe who stressed the need to strengthen the party through unity said ” the last thing we did today is to strengthen democracy through strengthening the party platform

“The platform for anybody to conduct election in this country is the party, we don’t have independent candidature and for us to defend democracy, the party must be strong and united; our party, the APC has just concluded reorganisation in terms of ward, local government and state congress and we know that next year we are going to have local government election in the state.

“In the subsiquent year we are going to have Federal and state elections, the party needs to be strengthen and that you see us doing today

” We have about 500 beneficiaries across the wards, the beneficiaries should use it judiciously, effectively and get their lives better

“I admonish everybody not to sell the items to use it for the purpose they are met for, we have IT equipment computer, each of the computer cost could sell to N300, 000

“IT is the real thing now, undergraduate are there, graduates are there, for the undergraduate, there are many parents who can’t buy computer for their children hence these children were not able to learn well, were not able to produce their projects that is what is meant for is not for it to be sold so also with all the other items.” He said.

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