IMAAN; Managing Humanitarian Crises In Nigeria For An Egalitarian Society.

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The last few months has been a beehive of activities in National Commission for Refugees,Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons NCFRMI particularly since the appointment and change of guard under the leadership of Hajiya Imaan Suleiman Ibrahim as the new federal commissioner.

Aside cynicisms and criticisms that usually characterised the urgency of the change of guard from her former NAPTIP to NCFRMI, Mrs Imaan quickly settled down to draw her policy thrust towards management of humanitarian crises that will transform the entire country to an egalitarian society.

Handy and abreast with growing humanitarian crises that had defied solutions overtime,the new federal commissioner articulated the needs assessment of the agency in view of the activities of dreaded Boko Haram in the North East spanned for many years and the ISWAP,to the activities of banditry, kidnappings,cattle rustling prevalent in North West and gradually spreading across the country to other emergencies desiring brisk attention.

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She heated the ground running by passionately approaching the three pronged activities that formed the crux of the agency with urgent attention to the Refugees,Persons of Concerns (POC’s),IDPs,Stateless Persons,Returnees from various humanitarian crises exposures to mitigate the vulnerability of the victims with grasp of the events.

In doing these ,she took cognisance of due diligence,due process and inline with public procurement order of the government, to ensure seamless execution of it’s programs and policies.

Since humanitarian crises appeared unlimited and insurmountable,her desire that ensured quick responses and attention to IDPs remained the cardinal objectives of her activities to the excitement of the international communities and donor agencies.

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She ensured a clear and improved policy framework for the Person’s Of Concerns (POC’s) in Nigeria which was laced with the dynamics of the prevailing situations, to avoid policy somersault since the needs of human beings are insatiable.

Having settled down,she quickly put in place transparent policies and programs that promotes not the agency alone,but humanitarian services to avoid the pitfalls of the previous handlers.

The issues of ‘Stateless Persons’ and ‘Returnees’ had more attention to avoid spill over of experiences and crises,as the agency recently received Returnees from many west African subregion in recent time, under the management of the new commissioner, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman Ibrahim with passionate attention that ensured their rehabilitation and incorporation into the larger society.

Her detested stance for ‘Buisiness as Usual’ in NCFRMI had set her up against the activities of some unpatriotic staffs of the agency, through transparent due process and open financial regulations observation, that had precluded sharp practices and prioritized commitement to duty, particularly as it directly involved human lives and activities, that had restored the glory of the over three decades agency back to sanity.

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All these ,she carried out without fear or favour, but geared towards resolving humanitarian crises in Nigeria and by implications across the west African subregion.

Between June and now,Mrs Suleiman had set the ball rolling that will ensure a lasting and permanent ressolve of the growing humanitarian crises across the country.

All hands must be on deck to support her laudable initiatives that captured all grey areas of human endeavors.

Abubakar Yusuf ,Is A Public Affairs Analyst,Writes From Abuja.

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