NG Eagle; As The Eagle Has Landed,

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The NG Eagle is the new airline convened by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON, set to take over the defunct Arik airline weighed down by over 300 Billion debt.

AMCON as receiver manager in the last five years both to Arik,and two other airlines had garnered alot of courage and assembled expertise overtime, towards the floating of a new airline known as NG Eagle.

The coincidence of the establishment of NG Eagle is not only to bridge the wide gap created by the epileptic Arik airline,but to also throw up more competitive stead in the aviation industry.

It is also far away from cynicisms and insinuations of the preparation of NG Eagle to take over the planned national carrier,as it’s intention is to allow a thriving aviation industry devoid of any unforeseen circumstances, and debt burden that precluded Arik airline among others.

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Alas, Public Private Practice PPP, along with wholly private ownership has being a major template adopted by many business outfits in the course of floating a well thought out arrangement .

With experiences not only in debt recovery and management,but administration of the banking industry,oil and gas as well as aviation,it became more easier for AMCON to float an airline,not only as ownership, but to open another competitive atmosphere,create a new vista in the industry in Nigeria.

The coming of NG Eagle airline will also open another platform of divestment from one area to another,not only for the neccessity of it,but to make positive contributions that will encourage would be investors both local and foreign investors into the industry, and on the long run better Nigeria economy.

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Hitting the ground running with some few aircrafts,the stage is not only set for the launch of NG Eagle,but creating another round of engagements to many Nigerians with employment opportunities and to address redundancy status of the staffers of defunct Arik airline.

With dearth of airlines occassioned by both economic and operational lapses that had affected the high patronage of the aviation industry, considering other variables, particularly security problems bedevilling the country,the regulator, Nigeria Civi Aviation Authority NCAA will have no choice than to create an enabling environment to would be airliners and investors to invest heavily in the industry.

Already, all the process leading to the approval of Air Operators’ Certificate (AOC), is in place as due dilligence, neccessary paper work and other technical requirements is already achieved towards the debut of NG Eagle.

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AMCON dexterity in management of diverse conglomerates no doubt will play out in the running of the new airline into a profitability stead, in line with the expectations of both local and international standards.

Stakeholders in the aviation sector will have no choice than to close rank to ensure the new airline contribute it’s own quota to the developement and effective management of the industry.

The new innovations by the managers of NG Eagle is well thought out, and will open a chapter towards an initial success of the airline, in the shortest possible time.

Abubakar Yusuf Is A Journalist,Writes From Abuja and can be reached on yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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