2023 Race: Kolawole’s Macabre Dance and His Many Troubles

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…the Laughable Indictment of Funsho Otu (Part 2)

I read with dismay the very poorly constructed and cerebrally empty response to the part 1 of my article.

I kept wondering if name calling and character assassination of my person provides answers to the very important question of character impotence, inordinate ambition and needless political witch-haunting of the Speaker that has suddenly become his new normal.

While I won’t be surprised at his consistent misbehavior, I blame everyone especially the PDP leaders (Funsho Otu inclusive) who gave Kolawole the platform to jump in 2015. As a matter of fact, such misbehavior is expected considering the fact that Kolawole has surppased his political target which is why he is currently misbehaving up and down.

Kolawole is currently overstretching his luck as he currently feels that treachery pays and he can always get everything through political mudsliding and stone throwing. However, he has forgotten that he truly has unduly benefited in the Owe political arena considering his person and clan.

The poorly schooled Cheif Press Secretary alluded to the fact that Kolawole is loyal to the course of the presidential bid of GYB, Kolawole is hypocritically loyal as that appears to be the best way he can rebuild the lost trust of the governor about him.

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Less did he(Kolawole) know that the public and governor is armed with information about his desire and plot to have the governor’s election annulled by the Supreme Court so that he(Speaker) can become the Acting Governor of the state.

He was celebrating all over Abuja until he got disappointed by the governor’s victory at the apex court. What a wishful thinking of a mentally shallow individual and an ingrate. How can the Speaker claim to be loyal to the governor’s presidential bid and recommend Funsho Otu for removal for purportedly attending Kabba/Bunu APC launch of GYB 2PYB? What a stinking hypocrisy!

Only a vindictive mind like Kolawole will forget so soon that the Assembly he superintends had asked Funsho to take a bow and go on the 20th of March, 2020 when he (the Speaker) spoke glowingly about Funsho that as his leader he be allowed to take a bow and go, Hon Omiata of Yagba East had subsequently supported the Speaker’s motion. Is it not rather shameful and a display of act of indolence on the part of the Speaker to claim oblivion of the Assembly’s activity ‘s on Funsho ‘s bow and go’ ?Everything points to the fact that Kolawole is bereft of the requirements of his office as a lawmaker and as a Speaker.

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The members of the Committee that probed the allegations against Funsho showed how feeble minded they’re as everything played out.

The Committee first met with Cheif Funsho on the 26th of July, 2021 to deliberate on a petition earlier writing by one Johnson Adebayo for Concerned Citizen for Kabba/Bunu. Funsho had challenged the legal stand of the group and insisted on meeting with the Johnson Adebayo which the Assembly Committee failed to produce.

The Committee later abandoned that petition and switched to another writing by Micheal Shaye on the 2nd of August during which Shaye( the petitioner failed to provide evidence in support of his allegations, the Committee’s sitting was adjourned till 5th of August for continuation of hearing during which Shaye was expected to produce the Party register in Otu Ward that purportedly contains Funsho’s name.

In a shameful manner, the Committee went ahead and submitted fictitious reports on the 3rd of August to the House indicting Funsho even when Shaye was yet to provide the party ‘s register of Otu APC which he claimed contains Funsho’s name.

It is highly shameful and ignoble to see how lowly elected representatives can descend in doing the wrong thing for percuniary gains. The public needs to be informed that it was only Hon Musa Attatachi the chairman House Committee on Public Petition and Ethnics and Hon Cosmas Atabor (Igalàmela-Odolu) chairman House Committee on Judiciary that sat for the two times the committee interacted with Hon Funsho. How can only two persons constitute such a committee?

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In a normal clime, Kolawole would have resigned his Speakershiposition with his face covered in shame and the Committee members suspended as there is no greater indictment on the Speaker and them than this.

Yomikola is a mockery of himself and the House of Assembly. There is an immediate need for the governor to constitute a commission of inquiry into the mess the Speaker and the committee did in this matter.

Owe Patriots are enjoined to take note of Kolawole ‘s anti Kabba political manouvering. The question is if Funsho Olorunfemi is eventually removed as recommended by Kolawole, will the governor be blamed if he picks his replacement from outside Oweland?

Such is the danger Kolawole is posing for the social and political development of Oweland. Kolawole must be put to order to avoid further damages to Oweland.

I am Oloruntoba, Tobi John writing from Kabba .