Daura Visit: Ebira State or Kogi State? The divisive & Tribalistic Show of Governor Yahaya Bello-

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By Usman Okai Austin

Must we all forget the processes that characterized the configuration of Kogi State? Shall we all fold hands in awe and watch how Yahaya Bello and his brothers from the central decides the fate of million inhabitants of a state that is regimented across three senatorial districts?, These and many more are the questions begging for answers as Yahaya Adoza continues his “Ebiranization” of Kogi State.

The Governor’s mode of operation in recent times speaks volumes of the recent thoughts emanating From the remaining senatorial districts in the state, those hatching this thought will be right if they ceaselessly hold the believe that Yahaya is Tribalistic. Ordinarily, such visits to Mr President should involve at least two representative From each of the district that make up the state.

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Unfortunately, what we see is a Stark contrast of the basic obtainability of what we’re clamoring for. From L-R Ohere (commissioner. of works and housing), AG, APC state party chairman, Govenor Yahaya Bello,, President Muhameed Buhari, Pharm Asuku, Deedat (commissioner of. LG & chieftaincy), Ododo (LG Auditor General), this is a huge stain on the peace and political stability our heroes suffer so hard to establish in the state.

NB; this not an attack on the Ebira speaking people of Kogi State, but an opinion burn out of current reality, the reality that is aggressively deforming and threatening our peaceful coexistence.

To set the record straight, Late AT Ahmed who is well known for his generosity across tribal lines will not do what the Govenor is currently doing, Barrister. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti will not do this, Senator Ohidge will not do this, we know the plans of Mr Govenor and we will continue to raise voices against until he desist from it.

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More importantly, The Governor must be aware of the fact that he is a leader of the state and a leader of all tribes, not a leader of a section of the State. His gross impunity is becoming unbecoming and he must wake up to reality with immediate alacrity.

During his first spell, when he wanted to lobby for the remaining 30 billion naira bailouts fund, he went round begging and pleading with all the traditional rulers in the state, without considering the factions to help reach out to the President.

Now that he has another opportunity of state visit, the Govenor decides to narrow it down to only his tribal men, this divisive, Tribalistic and provocative, it’s capable of causing tribal tension, hence the need to resist it with outmost sincerity.

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Let this be know, The Governor who exhibits all manner of Tribalistic tendencies must decist From this undemocratic show of shame, as we can no join this we the problem of infrastructural decay that perfectly defines his administration.