APC Presidential Ticket: Why Tinubu will defeat Bello and others

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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state seems not to be resting in his bid to emerge as the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the next presidential election. Not too long ago, his ambition got what I considered a boost. Some members of northern state legislatures endorsed his aspiration. They promised to mobilize and support his candidature.

There are insinuations that he is a project of strong forces up north. He also seems to be a close disciple of Mr President. So, it will not come to me as a surprise if he enjoys the support of the President. But I don’t think the President will do that just yet. Nonetheless, all these are still in the realm of puzzling speculations.

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But one thing that I am sure of is that Tinubu knows his way around the political terrains in this country. He is an influential and accomplished politician. In my opinion, it will be difficult for Governor Bello to beat him to the APC Presidential Ticket. And there are factors and ways that Tinubu will likely use to floor Bello and other contestants in the primary contest for APC’s presidential ticket.

For instance, compared to Governor Yahaya Bello, Chief Tinubu has made more people politically. In fact, it is doubtful whether there is any politician alive who has made more influential politicians than Tinubu in today’s political space. I believe that his loyalists spread all over the country will genuinely work for the former Lagos State governor. And that is an edge that he may likely have over Governor Bello.


When it comes to general experience and command of followership in the rank and file of the APC, Tinubu will likely have an edge over Bello. Tinubu also knows how to source and employ competent hands to work for him. I believe that when the campaign finally starts and Tinubu declares his interest, he will go all out to employ competent handlers for his campaign. And they are likely going to deliver their leader.

Another factor that I believe may work in favour of Senator Bola Tinubu is the rotational presidency debate. Although there are voices in the north suggesting that power would remain there, I believe that it will likely come to the South at the end of the day. Those advocating for power to shift to the South may likely have their way. The voices echoing this argument seem to be louder and stronger, in my estimation. In the end Mr Tinubu may likely floor Yahaya Bello in the primaries.

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