UBEC And Bobboyi’s Landmark For Educational Development In Nigeria.

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By Abubakar Yusuf.

The efforts of the current Management of Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC under Dr Hamid Bobboyi is determined to sustain Nigeria’s Educational developement, inspite of both natural and artificial phenomenon, threatening the smooth operation of our Educational system that had appeared insurmountable.

This efforts span from both human,material as well as technological development of Educational sector, that had contributed in no small measure to the operation of the social sector, inspite of global threats of health challenges of COVID and world economies that has witnessed recession both in first and second period due to economic downturn.

Though,the effects of the unfortunate period has resulted in throwing children in public schools out of school as many of them had no access to the technological know how, that goes along with many months of lockdown that had resulted in our schools kept under lock and key, and the bad economic consequences of their parents that could not afford the modest way of learning popularly known as e- learnings.

UBEC in it’s consistency and determination to ensure learning process are not interrupted in our schools through provision of it’s statutory functions of ensuring good learning environment, with access to creating an enabling environment through building of structures/classes, training, provision of instructional materials through direct intervention,provision of funds to state governments to access,had embarked on the construction of computer centre/education, with it’s plans to build computer centres in all schools in the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory FCT, to address the dearth of teaching and learning in public schools as well as control of the negative effects that resulted in out of school children.

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The special program of UBEC will be a wholistic solutions to any emergencies or unforseen circumstances that might occur both now and in the nearest future, that will preclude the smooth operation of our Educational programs in Nigeria.

The plans to construct computer centres in schools across the country known as ‘SMART’ will reduced to the barest minimum the incidences of out of the school children in public schools,and also provide other social security that boaders on our Education curriculum.

This is to be carried out as complimentary roles to the provision of infrastructures in schools, through direct intervention and grants readily available to the states in Billions of Naira to access and promote the educational developement in Nigeria.

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The ICT infrastructure to be provided by the UBEC will include training of instructors and teachers that will manage the special program of computer literacy, and will also bring to par the Education of children from poor homes and those from the privileged families in Nigeria, in terms of quality Educational developement.

UBEC noted with great concerns that the digital divide arising from the horrible consequences of COVID-19 pandemic prevalent world over with Nigeria not an exception,as the efforts is commendable towards bridging the gap of Educational backwardness in Nigeria with narrow disparity.

As the world recovers from the digital divide, occassioned by the pandemic,the efforts of UBEC to bridge the gap of discrepancies in the Educational sector must be encouraged by states with determination to deploy funds provided for the purpose intended,as well as synergise with other critical stakeholders to address the current trend of our Educational backwardnes.


The global innovation along with the strides to bring to bare all requirements that will guarantee a healthy learning for pupils by the leadership,will encourage more teaching and learning in our schools.

UBEC in it’s determination has set the ball rolling,and it’s readiness to play a robust supervisory roles to states and other relevant stakeholders is uncompromising,geared towards mitigating the rate of discrepancies in our Educational system, by the invention of the technological know how.

Coming at a time the world is moving towards digital terrain,the idea of the migration of the children of elementary schools to ICT based instructions,no doubt is a clear indication that Nigeria will not be left behind in quest for global engagements, using UBEC as spring board to digital age.

With this intiatives and innovations by the current leadeship of UBEC,no doubt,it’s determination to take education to it’s pride place in Nigeria is not negotiable, through the Multi Billion Naira ICT driven project.

Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst Writes From Abuja.

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