I Want To Congratulate President Buhari’- Says Former Senator Dino Melaye

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‘I want President Buhari to be congratulated,’ says former Senator Dino Melayee,

Senator Dino Melaye is well recognized, particularly on social media, for his outspokenness. The Senator spoke out about discrimination at all levels. He frowns at some form of inequality. The senator is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria from Ayetoro Gbede in the Kogi State Local Government Region of Ijumu.

The former senator was a member of the 8th National Assembly of Nigeria, serving the Senate district of Kogi West and, briefly, the Chairman of the Senate Aviation Committee in Nigeria.

For the Kogi State governorial race, which was held on 16 November 2019, Dino Melaye challenged, but lost to his political opponent, Smart Adeyemi.

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The former senator now holds no elected position whatsoever.

He wrote on his Tweeter Social Networking Account earlier today. He said, ‘I want President Buhari to be congratulated. He is breaking milestones for six consecutive years as Nigerians get poorer. He further notes that from the National Bureau for Statistics he received his source. He tells, applauding them, ‘You are going fine.’ He concluded that they could file for the APC revalidation exercise promptly.


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