Why Tinubu, Aregbesola, Other ACN Bigwigs May Pull Out Of APC Ahead Of 2023

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The race for who becomes the president of Nigeria in 2023 has began since 2020, and it has been filled with several uncertainties, betrayal of trust, name callings, and massive propaganda.

We all know the ruling party at the moment is the All progressive congress (APC) with the President, Muhammadu Buhari being a member of the party. As a member of the party, Muhammadu Buhari and his caucus has been responsible for the recent fracas in the all progressive congress, according to insider reports.

Trouble began to become evident in 2020 during the Edo state governorship election that saw the All progressive congress losing out blatantly to the opposition party and its candidate, Godwin Obaseki. Although there has been handwriting of the troubles before the election, when Adams Oshiomhole was sacked as the national chairman of the party, it all played out well during the election.

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As we all know in Nigerian politics today, any ruling party has an upperhand in any election most especially the governorship election, but we saw how the opposition party won in Edo, despite the fact that Godwin Obaseki was embattled from within the party, even the national leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu came out to say nobody should vote for Godwin Obaseki, yet, nothing changed the situation, what could have happened? A higher authority must have supported the winner of the election.

After then, things started becoming clearer and it was so evident that the APC is not united, sadly, it is tearing apart as a result of the national leadership of the party.

Taking you back to memory land, APC came about as a result of a coalition which produced Muhammadu Buhari as the candidate, the party was called ACN but to have a more robust structure, they needed to form a coalition with some other parties.

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As 2023 gets closer, with the way things are going in the party, its becoming evident that apart from some parts of South west, the national leader of the party is losing hold of control of the party nationally, it is gradually becoming regional.

We all saw how the #EndSARS Protest played out, the arson destroyed Lagos a lot, and there was massive propaganda that Tinubu was the one who ordered the shootings of protesters at Lekki tollgate, it took the grace of God to vindicate him from the accusation.

APC is currently holding its membership registration at the moment after so much ‘war’. Last week, there was news that the registration had been cancelled, it quickly went viral, and even some APC lawmakers already attested to it till another statement came out again that it was a lie.

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All these happening are to destabilize the party by the northern part where the President belongs to because there is still a northern agenda for 2023, though it is still a little bit sketchy at the moment, but as soon as possible, it will clear out.

These battle is too much to fight for Tinubu and the bigwigs of the then ACN, if it continues like this, there won’t be time to restrategize for 2023, hence, there may be need to pull out soon.

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