Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE; Redefining Moments At The National Assembly Service Commission NASC.

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Less than one year in office as the Newly appointed Chairman, National Assembly Service Commission NASC, Alhaji Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE,it has being a beehive of activities both at the commission and by extension,the National Assembly as the immediate supervisor of the legislative house.

This is inspite of alot of negative events bedeviling the country from the world ravaged health emergency of COVID-19, both in first and second wave,as well as the crises of Endsars that had confronted the country to a standstill soon after his appointment and resumption of office.

His appointment heralded so much excitement between the ranks and files of staffers of the National Assembly,as well legislative aides,that directly work with the Federal lawmakers both at the red and green Chamber.

Kadi in his determination to address the multiple problems bedeviling the Commission in the course of carrying out it’s statutory functions, articulated the problems and prospects as well as the way forward to address the age long issues.

As a refined public officer of high repute,he never took time out to settle down before embarking on wholistic re-organisation of the Commission.

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This effrots was geared towards paving way for productive output from the staffers of the Commission,so as to serve the legislative arm of the third tier of government in better ways.

His believe in hardwork,honesty,diligence, sincerity of purpose and dedication to duty is glaringly uncompromising,as reward for distinct perfomance also guided his policies and recommendations.

The highly revered Engineer never hid his feelings in carrying out a well thought out policies that boaders on workers appointments, placement,welfare,merit and remunerations.

He quickly addressed the issue of senior staff of the Commission that had used their position to overstay,manipulate and influence their years in service by putting their record in service open and inline with the civil service regulations.

This led to the retirement of so many senior staff of the Commission and the National Assembly including the former Clerk to the National Assembly CNA,his deputy and other senior staffs.

The regularisation of appointments also led to the retirement of so many senior staffs and appointments of news ones including the new CNA and other senior officers for a better service delivery, both at the commission and the National Assembly.

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He did not hide his feeling towards an untrained staffs of the Commission,hence roll out a well arranged trainings and workshops for both offices to acquaint and update the knowledge and ability to deliver on the jobs, assignments.

In his strides to live an indelible mark,the Chairman prioritise the welfare of the workers through payment of salary arears,end of the year bonus, DTA and other benefits to encourage hardwork and service delivery.

As direct staff of the Commission, legislative aides welfare,trainings and remumerations was also part of his programs to achieve results in the Commission.

Payments of arears of 28 days, salaries and allowances had begun,so as to position the aides for a better results and benefits to the Assembly.

Trainings and backlog of training for the aides was also carried out to prepare them for any unforeseen assignments and challenges in their various offices, as well as code of conducts.

Plans are already concluded to amend the act of the National Assembly that boaders on the conditions of service, remumerations and reprimand before the relevant body.

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This is addition to emmisaries from the state Houses of Assembly Service Commission and clamour for the remaining states of the federation to set up similar body.

The interaction, orientation, training, workshop, symposium organised by the current leader under the purview of Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE had brought sanity and improved working relationship in the state Assembly Commission, and better placed to deliver more dividends of democracy in all the states.

Also, the synergy and master -worker relationship between the NASC and the National Assembly,had brought alot of renewed confidence,good working relationship and understanding between the two arms.

The National Assembly Service Commission NASC plays a leading roles as the activities of the National Assembly fell directly under his supervision.

This was responsible for the achievements recorded in less than one year,owing to the sweeping decision and action meant to reposition the nooks and crannies of the Commission.

Just a year down with the multiple achievements, and the obvious determination of the current leadership of Engineer Ahmed Kadi Amshi FNSE,sky will be the starting point in the few years to come.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes from Abuja