Dr Hamid Bobboyi; In Quest For An Egalitarian Society, By Providing Social, Infrastructural Services To Schools Through UBEC.

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Dr Hamiid Bobboyi is the Executive Secretary, Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC, charged not only with the building of structures in primary/secondary schools across the country alone,but provision of instructional materials,conducive environment for teaching and learning,teaching aides across schools in Nigeria.

The tasking situation also include training and retraining of professionals in the teaching industry,to be able to compete favourably with the current trend of developement in the teaching industry, in line with the global best practices.

In the last few years at the top echelon of Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC, Dr Bobboyi is not only saddled with the monitoring and inspection of structures and all other relevant items given out to the state governments, through counterparts funding and direct intervention, to mitigate the dearth of facilities in various states across the Nation,but ensured strict adherence in line with the provisions and act setting up the Agency with out distractions.

UBEC devoid of red tapism and administrative bottle necks under the leadership of Dr Hamid Bobboyi, had operated on the pedestal of rules of engagements with the state governments, through provision of counterparts funds from the states on a yearly basis.

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This yearly routine that is obviously being flaunted by some state governments against the lay down procedures,is always subject to public consumption, through a formal notice in the medium communication, particularly on the need for states to access available funds, by providing it’s own part of the counterparts funding.

Dr Bobboyi whose operation is in tandem with the template of transparency and accountability, never left any stone unturned, by ensuring all the 36 states has equal access to it’s funds, once the counterparts funds were provided in fulfillment of all righteousness.

Adminstering a critical sector like the UBEC, which primacy is to ensure a good foundation for our teeming children in dire need of Western education, it became an uphill task not to apply a high level professional acumen,in managing such sensitive Agency,the traits that had assisted the leadership of the Agency in great measure, towards quality disposition/administration.

This is carried out through a lay down procedures,aside deploying funds and monitoring through counterparts funding,it also involved in direct interventions in line with it’s modes of operations.

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This positive developement is also encouraged by some Federal Lawmakers,who cited their Constituency projects through the Agency, to provide more incentives for educational institutions at the foundation level, through UBEC.

Hence aside the judicious deployment, utilisation of funds budgeted in the annual budget of the Federal Government for UBEC, through appropriation, UBEC also through joint effforts with the political class,improve on more supplies of furnitures,text books,instructional materials, reading/teaching aides,updating the teachers knowledge, which include the non -teaching staffs through seminars, workshops, talkshops, that played a complimentary roles to the teachers in Schools across the country.

In his strides to improve teaching and learning across the country in view of COVID-19 pandemic, that occassioned two months lockdown which affected schools in no small measure,the Hamid Bobboyi led UBEC has created an enabling environment through provision of modest equipment in schools to encourage virtual learning across the country.

This developement when improved upon,will have little or no effect,on the threat of lockdown and partial lockdown that had led to closure of schools for several months, that affected negatively the process of learning of pupils.

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This proposal is on the basis of prioritising education in view of any health, socio-economic challenges that may confront the smooth running of primary schools in the nearest future.

In addition to providing an enabling environment through adherence to COVID-19 Protocols,by constant washing of hands with soap, clean and running water,use of face mask and hand sanitizer,as well as observation of all other protocols’.

As a modest template,the leadership of UBEC has also sold the ideas of virtual teaching and learning process to the state governments to take cue,to protect our education curriculum and other relevant issues.

Since education is the bedrock of any thriving society in the world over,the Hamid Bobboyi led UBEC will not live any stone unturned to ensure seamless policies and programs, that will drive the elementary/Secondary education amidst other challenges.

His dreams is to see a foundational/Secondary education that will compete favourably not only with developing world’s,but developed countries,as an educated Nation, is always a pride of it’s citizens and leaders.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja.

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