An Open Letter to HE, Gov. Yahaya Bello

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Your Excellency,

Many people believe that majority of the crises that occur almost in many parts of the world today is because of religion. They now concluded that imagine there is no religion, people would have live their lives in peace and harmony.

Assuming it is true, they failed to realise that not all those that represent Islam are for peace. Islam is something. Those that are practicing the Islam are something else.

The truth is that in every crises that occur in a certain nation, there is a perpetrator. There is a victim. The leader of such nation must make it incumbent upon himself, plan the best way in attending to the parties involved accordingly.

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I came across many write-ups talking about the ongoing differences and chaos of which majority of those write-ups are not accepted in an ideal society where unity and peace are the only aim.

Your Excellency, you are a Muslim and this is your home town. Crises between this and this group yesterday. Today, it is that and that group. Enough is enough.

Get a representative from each and every Muslim sect in Ebira Land, sit down with them directly and know what their differences are. What are their problems. What are their demands and aspirations?

They should tell you the reason why they cannot live together in peace and harmony? Is their Qur’an not the same? Is their Prophet not the same?

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Let them inform you the best way to peace in our dear land. If not you, instruct the chairman of Okene LG to handle it.

Possibly, he makes them an advisers on religious matters. Let them meet often, let them think together, let them embrace diversity in relationships.

God created us to work in unity. Unity plays an important role in achieving things easily. No man can made himself.

Their coming together will be a progress. If they can keep together, it will be a great success. Even if we can not unite for faith and ideology, let us unite for humanity.


Doing this will further raise the good work you have done on peace and security. May Allah continue to support you to do more. May Allah continue to protect and bless our dear land.

Mohammad Yusuf



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