Chico Ejiro films producer dies

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Chico Ejiro, a very popular Nigerian filmmaker, has died. It was learned that he died on Friday, Christmas Day, around 2 a.m.

Ejiro was popular for his blockbuster films in the 1990s. He produced films like Silent Night, Blood Money, Deadly Affair, among other notable films.

In a phone conversation with The PUNCH, his colleague and close friend, Zik Zulu, said: “Yes, it’s true, Chico Ejiro is dead.”

He said: “I just found out about his death. The news of his death is so devastating. I do not know the cause of his death; I’m still calling to get the proper information and I’m waiting for your association, the Motion Picture Producers Association, to make a statement. “

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However, a source close to the deceased revealed that Ejiro died around 2 am on Christmas Day.

“He was ill about five weeks ago and was rushed to a hospital in Surulere, where he was admitted. After about a week, he was discharged and returned home to recover.

“From what he said, he had high blood pressure that caused some complications and heart disease. He was recovering and getting better. He even started a production that he was filming about four days ago, but was not fully involved.

“He was like the supervising director. He will go to the place and supervise them, so we all felt it was okay. Although he kept saying that he had not fully recovered his health; he was still very weak. We were surprised by his death because he was even talking to some of his friends until last night. I found out that he died around 2 am this morning, ”the source said.

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