SDGs Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire’s Doctrine On Probity.

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By Abubakar Yusuf

In Nigeria, the Management of public and private institutions robustly built on probity, accountability,transparency and due diligence,as that is the best practices world over,depends on the top echelon on the driver’s seat .

Few years of the leadership of the SSA to the President on Sustainable Developement Goals SDGs,it is heralded with due process,fiscal discipline,strict budgetary provisions and implementation,jobs execution and completion to the excitement of many Nigerians.

This line of decision was inculcated to discourage ‘business as usual’ internally and adoption of well thought out due process devoid of any internal and external influence on the activities of the SDGs externally.

Since her assumption of duty over five year away,the overall objectives of the SDGs as an intervention agency with global outlook, has being quite encouraging both to the stakeholders and the government

This had resulted in proliferation of social services indices ranging from provision of basic necessities of life like water, electricity,roads and infrastructural developement in line with the SDGs 17 templates.

It also derived it’s encouragement from the handlers of the program in Nigeria under the Princess of Lagos chiefdom, having purge the system of any untoward activities, capable of denying the downtrodden in the society,as well as the desire results.

SDGs drawing from the sane practice also encourage many lawmakers both at the green and red chamber to route their Constituency projects through the agency ,with a strong conviction that no stone will be left unturned towards early supply of items required,job execution and completion inline with specifications of the contractual agreements.

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It is also on record that given the available funds at its disposal, SDGs intervention, other special projects and budgeted jobs are adhered strictly in the last few years under review.

In the current SDGs, budget proposal and defence,as well as job specifications, award and execution had become a recurring decimal laced in a transparent and open bidding procedures without any underhand dealings.

It is on record that other special projects in Agriculture, Education, Enterpreneurship, Empowerment,capacity building,skill development captured in every segments of it’s yearly budget had no room for deferment,but with strict adherence to the lay down procedures and available resources.

Aside projects specifications,execution and presentation to the end users being monitored by the SDGs leadership,the vanguard of open leadership is also extended to 36 states of the federation, that also serves as focal offices to all the agencies programs at the state level, through counterpart funding.

SDGs Princes Adefulire had discourage the system of payment of only paltry counterpart funds by some states,but without visible projects completed for commissioning by the SDGs at the Federal level.

Orelope-Adefulire not minding political coloration,differences and affiliations is strict on the release of funds and monitoring of states projects carried out particularly in strict compliance to the lay down procedures.

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It is on record some states of the federation that indulge in diversion of SDGs funds to other projects at the state level without due diligence and explanations, are being sanction through non release of funds,funds holiday,and outright direct monitoring of funds to the states.

Records has also shown that some states that outrightly turn down items and projects meant for the benefit of the states, are also noted for record purpose

The policy of the current SDGs is strictly based on funds released to states as focal agents should be utilized strictly on the purpose intended, either for projects like construction,supply of items which in some instances,the parent agency at the National level will be invited for commissioning or as the case may be.

This positive developement even though deny some states of the federation into accessing the SDGs funds,had also discourage outright diversion by the state governments, either in to other projects and in some instances payment of Salaries .

What the new agency under the indefatigable leadership of Princess Adefulire is deploying, through close monitoring and execution of projects meant for states,so as not to deny any of the states of the federation it’s projects beneficial to the society.

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This also bring to bear on the leadership of both the green and red chamber’s domiciing their Constituency projects in SDGs, and strong supportde extended by the head of the committees of both Chambers.

What is now translated to based on it’s activities built on the template of openness,due process and close monitoring of projects award,execution and commissioning to the glory of the downtrodden in the society.

Envisaging the post COVID-19 pandemic as in interventionist agency,even though,not captured in the 2020 budget, provision was made within the available resources to mitigate the situation,as additional funding if any,will be of advantage and impact to the generalty of the people.

The vote of confidence passed by the lawmakers on the leadership of SDGs in the area of strict compliance to lay down procedures, will redouble it’s performance in the coming years .

As an expert on poverty reduction in the cosmopolitan Lagos State,the job of deploying improve guidelines on the provision of social services and infrastructural developement in Nigeria, has become a recurring decimal to the developement of SDGs programs in Nigeria.

With her wealth of experience,it is difficult to perpetrate any unbecoming styles from the level of award, projects, execution and completion to the benefits of the people.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf