Fines; Applause For NBC Leadership,As Nigerian Government Endorse Decision.

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By Abubakar Yusuf

The recent clampdown on three major broadcast media organisations in Nigeria,the Arise News,AIT and channels television has attracted alot of commendation to the current Management under the leadership of Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba.

This has shown that the decision was timely,patriotic,and desiring that had douse glaring tension arising from the needless use of wrong video footage, without corroboration but meant to instigate the masses, using the ENDSARS as a cover to forment more troubles.

This is also at the backdrop of subtle protest and threats by some notable stakeholders and Non -governmental organisations, for the regualations body NBC, to review it’s decision, by banning the three notable broadcast stations.

The bodies insisted that the proper sanction for the notable broadcast medium is to suspend their liencences and banned them outrightly from air/ coverage,so as to serve as stern deterrent to others.

The endorsement was endless as Buhari Media Organisation BMO, comemended the decision of the NBC on the fines imposed on the three media houses,for displaying the fake footage of the Lekki incidence without due dilligence.


This also include some notable Civil Society Organizations CSO’s,with wider recognition both locally and internationally,patting theNBC Management on the back for being the saving grace that nip in the bud,the escalation of fake video footage of Lekki incidence.

On wider fora,through public debates,feelers and general opinion of many Nigerians,it is divergent,as majorly many Nigerians did not support any attempt to set the country back to the dark old days, through fake news and unverified footage,as well as blatant lies.

Many Nigerians avered that the video footage and coverage of lekki incidence took a dangerous trend of political dimension and vendetta,that does not augur well for the progress and developement of Nigeria.

Some unrepentant Humanitarian organisation like HURIWA,SERAP and the main opposition party PDP, that threatened brickstone and fire,retrace their steps to fall line and endorse the decision of NBC to be in the best interest of many Nigerians,so as to harness more peaceful co-existence and equanimity amongst it’s citizens.

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Even in the face of threat of court action against the decision of NBC to impose fines on the media houses to the tune of 9M Naira,they are quick to realise that the well being of Nigeria as a country is sancrosanct, therefore,reverse it’s earlier stance.

From the government angle,the Buhari Media Organisation BMO,though not speaking for the administration,but serves as a quasi- mouth piece of the supporters and many times represents the good intentions of the government.

The clamour for the regualations of social media coverage at every public and private fora of top government officials, particularly the Minister in charge of Information, Culture and Tourism,Alhaji Lai Mohammed is a direct endorsement of the decision of the NBC against the broadcast media houses.

The Northern leaders and traditional rulers decision at a meeting, insisting that the ENDSARS protests was targeted at the Northern states to create uneasy calm in the country,justifies the decision of the NBC,having taken a right decision at the right time.

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The Nigerian government dissatisfaction with it’s youths deploying the ENDSARS platform to unleash mayhem,attacks,looting and violent attacks is enough credence to NBC actions that quelled the escalation.

On different fora and occasions, President Buhari has reiterated that the destiny of Nigeria is in the hands of the youths,so hooliganism under the guise creating needless tension in the country is unbecoming on their part.

From close observation in the last few weeks after the decision of the NBC on the three major broadcast medium,showed that under the leadership of Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba,the Ag Director General of NBC, professionalism and job ethics has fully returned to broadcast stations,as the fear of fines,is now the beginning of their mode of practice and reportage.

With this developement,it is glaring that with the current Management in NBC,sanity,sane practices,good conduct is fully returning to the broadcast media houses in Nigeria.

Written by Abubakar Yusuf.

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