Rt. Hon. Sani Kutigi; Season Grassroot Mobiliser Of Our Time, With Unique Leadership Traits For Niger State.

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By Abubakar Yusuf

As a grassroot politician, despite his background, Alhaji Sani kutigi was a member, House of Representatives between 2011-2015 represented his Constituency.

His representation at that level which include some notable state assignments in Niger state, made him the darling of the people of the state towards political emancipation.

His combination of politics,political participation and personal instincts and disposition,had further distinguish him from ‘Food is Ready’ politicians whose intentions is built on the welfare of the people.

Alhaji Sani Kutigi proved his mettle to the people of his Constituency’s costernation and by extension the entire Niger state as a Federal Lawmaker and one of the stakeholders of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the state.

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It was as a Federal Lawmaker,that his unique qualities in politics came to fore, particularly to the ordinary people, downtrodden,the electorates,middle class and the less privilege.

During his stint,his good intentions to better the lots of the people of his Constituency, Niger state through his welfarist programs was not negotiable.

This positive developement further brought his distinct political treasure into public space, that had prepared him for higher office not too long to come.

It was during his term,that the root of politicians who are accountable to their people was intitiated and sustain, as a legacy to drive political relevance and practices.


Kutigi’s political theory and strong believe in transparency and accountability was the guiding principle and practice between 20011-2015,the legacy he still sustain on National assignment.

He moved his Constituency projects to another level, through empowerment, employment,capacity building,trainings, workshops and talkshops,skill acquisition and developement,that had transformed his Constituency to a model in Niger state.

This is in addition to his charitable exploits and tendencies to those who had critical conditions and desire intervention in all spheres.

His template of developement and legacy of political adventure is a reference point been practice by politicians in Niger state, not minding political differences and extraction.

In the same vein,his style of leadership had brought to the front burner the clamour for him to throw in the ring and salvage the power state, from the doldrums of political misfortune in the next dispensation.

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The few years of comatose, political logjam,economic downturn,social disequilibrium and dearth of infrastructural initiatives and development, can only be redress through a clamour to install people centred individual with political weight, to salvage the people of the state from the current reverse trend.

This can be done through a collective efforts by all and sundry, to prevail on Rt Honourable Sani kutigi to throw in the ring in the next dispensation.

Abubakar Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst, Writes From Abuja.