#ENDSARS; Why Sanwo-Olu’s Strides Outlive Hoodlums/Protesters

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By Abubakar Yusuf

The ENDSARS protests around the country that later metamorphosed to all round protests hijacked by hoodlums in Abuja,the city of the nation and the cosmopolitan Lagos State,the former Nigerian Capital, cannot be divorced from the usual struggle to press home demands by Nigerian youths.

In Lagos State, known for heavy traffic in all ramifications,was not left out hustle and bustle of the usual and unsual events that was unfortunately hijacked by jobless hoodlums.

Nonetheless,Lagos State Governor,Babajide Sanwo-Olu in his efforts to address the agitation and agitators, hurriedly created an enabling environment to address the demands of both the legitimate and the illegitimate protesters,to forestall the already moving progress of developement in Lagos State.

After the process has been consumated to engage the restiveness through articulation of their grievances,the governor did not rest on his oars,as he quickly move to the Presidency to brief the C in C of the current developement in Lagos State and the security implications.

Governor Sanwo-Olu brief and de-briefed President Buhari on the demands of protesters,efforts of the state government and enabling environment to nip in the bud the influx of hoodlums.

This had resulted in daily engagements, of ENDSARS youths and protesters in liason with the security apparatuses in Lagos and beyond, so as to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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Even though,the palpable situations did not preclude the machinery of government in Lagos State from carrying it statutory functions and social services to the good people of Lagos State.

Governor Sanwo-Olu made all efforts to engage the leader-less protesters using all avenues to pacify them to agree on round table to no avail from the self styled agitators.

Undaunted and determined not to derail the process of governance,Governor Sanwo-Olu for weeks played along with the protesters of ENDSARS that later widened to other areas of human endeavours.

In his efforts,he ensured the security of lives and properties untill hoodlums and some jobless and unpatriotic youths took over the good concept of Nigeria youths, to cause mayhem and wanton deaths.

Knowing fully well the intention of Lagos hoodlums,the state government kept his mandate to ameliorate the suffering massess through good government policies,programs which include infrastructural and social developement of Lagos and by extension other Nigerians.

Governor Sanwo-Olu for days ensured the continuous engagement, security of both lives and properties, as well as the innocent citizens resident in Lagos State.

This continued unabated untill the means of livelihood of many Lagosians were been trampled,government activities was affected in great quantum, even at that,their protection was guaranteed to the negative extreme.

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This is was what led to Lekki incidence were through a barricade of tolls,security of lives was threatened,and the need to protect National security became sancrosanct.

In view of the affront,the Lagos State Governor still sustain his high level diplomacy to discourage agitators,from going out of hand.

The developement got to the crescendo when National security was threatened and various securtiy agency took the centre stage to control the ugly developement.

This situation led to stampede, acclaimed deaths and other casualties now known as Lekki attacks.

As the Chief securtiy officer of the state,his efforts for many weeks was outstanding and the decision of the security agents became needful, as hoodlums went wild after the Lekki attacks to raze down both public and private residents and properties in Lagos State.

As a servant leader,Governor Sanwo-Olu does not deserve been reciprocated through the burning down of his family residence including that of his dear mother, unbecoming of legitimate protesters.

Even after all the onslaught personally against Governor Sanwo-Olu and his family,as a sign of dedication to duty, loyalty and patriotism,he went ahead to declare three days mourning with the National flag at half mast,decalre a 24 hour curfew to forestall further violence and lost of lives.

The Governor and his team for 48 hours after the incidence,went round the whole of Lagos State hospitals,both public and private to rescue as well as confirm the numbers of casualties.


Amidst one succesful year in office with wholistic developement in all areas ,not done with the success recorded,Governor Sanwo-Olu inaugurated 377 projects few months that also cover all areas.

This is a clear indications of a government with people at heart and does not deserve destruction of assets and legacy projects, belonging to both the public and private entities.

It also does not speak well,the razing of TVC television,Nation Newspaper,Orient Hotel,and other private conglomerates including the NPA corporate headquarters,as this are outlets of engagements of many Nigerian youths.

Also the invasion of some multinationals including the Central stores of Lagos State CACOVID-19 palliatives meant for ordinary Lagosians, does not speak well of a legitimate exercise.

Even with this ugly developement,Lagos State government has created so many employement outlets both for youths and other categories of Lagosians and settlers.

With efforts of the state government,it will be unwise,archaic and irresponsible on the youths to engage in hooliganism,capable of derailing the already achieved progress in the state.

It will be wiser for both Lagosians and settlers to explore peaceful avenues to approach such issues with National dimension,rather than drawing back the success recorded.

Abubakar Yusuf Is A Public Affairs Analyst, Writes From Abuja