Allegations of incompetence, inadequate Community relation against BASE-SAN, baseless, malicious, unfounded- says mgt.

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The management of BASE-SAN limited, the consulting firm working with the company handling the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK), oil pipe line project, OilServe limited, has dismissed the allegations of incompetence and not Representing the host communities as baseless, unfounded malicious and devoid of any oita of truth.

The management added that those flying these allegations neither represents the communities or anybody’s interest aside their personal gains.

The project manager of BASE-SAN Abdulkareem Abdlazeez who disclosed this to our reporter in an interview, noted that the companies operating in the area decided to engage his firm because of the age long trust in the integrity, honesty and timely delivery of the contacts awarded to BASE-SAN limited.

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Speaking further he said “Halilu Musa was denied CLO in 2007 by Siemens based on unverifiable assessment and his friend Abdulahi Aronge Akaba was picked, adding that in 2015 Halilu impossed himself and Siemens rejected him for the same reason and was engaged by BASE-SAN for 1 year.

“In 2020 his brother with FUT Minna is also impossing himself for CLO and claiming to be fighting for the community. Unfortunately they called themselves prince

The manager noted also that another member of the community, who is currently fronting for the position of CLO of OilServe took a loan from BASE-SAN limited to execute a project in Minna, saying that he was yet to repay the loan till date.

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“I want to tell you that their group does not represent anyone as they claimed. Not even the traditional rulers. In the case of one of them who claimed to be executing a project in Minna and took a loan from the company and is yet to pay back, could he also claim that BASE-SAN has not assisted him.

“We have carried out Community projects across the local government which are beneficial to the people. The records are there for anyone to verify.

Speaking further he said, BASE-SAN has received several letters of commendations from cooperate organizations such as, the Union Bank plc, Siemens limited, builders of the Geregu power plant one and two and the Ajaokuta steel company.

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“While we would not like to join issues with them, our records of performance are there for people to see. Our job speaks for us.

“We have received letters of commendations from cooperate organizations because of our track records of good job execution and quality of the services we render.

” We want to assure the community, our clients and the public that we would continue to do our best in terms of quality service delivery and effective and efficient Community relation.

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