Like Rt.Hon. Prince Kolawole, like The COS Asuku.

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They’re philanthropists at heart.
It’s written on their faces, tattooed on their right arms and runs in their blood.
I love the colour of their eyes.
I love the way they smiles.
I love the way their face moves
I love their fingertips that press the buttons of greatness for others!
I love the way they put smile on people’s face at the downtrodden.
I love their humanitarian gesture towards the poor, needy most importantly the homeless!
I love them when they walk on by.
I love their altruism.
I love them when they put people first!
I love their accents.
I love them despite the fact haters think they are not meant to be loved.
I love them when they question my acts.
I love them succeeding
Always, now and forever…..
I love them because I see them loving the masses, because I know them as a true lover of God and because I know they’re are worthy of love.

May the Good Lord continue to bless the heart that gives and enrich our leaders of good heart!

You’re both greatly cherished.

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