High Court Says Igahachi Community, True Owners of Igahachi Land.

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Relief has come the way of Igahachi community, as a High Court Sitting in Koton Karfe has delivered Judgment in there favour as the true owners of Igahachi land stretching towards Igbara in Oworo districts of Lokoja Local Government Area, of Kogi State.

Delivering his Judgment, Justice Alaba Omolaye Ajileye in suit No. HC/KK/02CV/2012, brought before it by Benjamin A.P. Irewa and Godwin Boyi Irewa for themselves and on behalf of the Igbara Oworo Community as Claimants vs Mallam Mohammed Baiyerohi and Ola Ikeun for themselves and Igahachi Community, as defendants, ruled in favour of Igahachi community.

Igbara land is a land which is north sharing boundary with igbonla community at Okuwha Agboro and to the South, the land terminates at Meme Stream. While to the East the land is sharing boundary with isegba, Felele Community at a boundary called Akpata/Okuwha Aburo and to the West the land shares boundary with Igahachi at Aho Stream/Akpeme Stream, Uwa agidima, Agbaro and Akpami Ehon Streams which terminates into Meme Stream.

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Justice Ajileye, declared that the defendants were able to prove through positive and numerous evidences, that they are the true owners of Igahachi land.

The Judge further held that based on tradition and possession adduced before the court, extending over a sufficient length of time, declared that he finds the claimants counter claim as satisfactory, elaborate, cogent and credible, rendering their evidence believable and acceptable.

The Claimants has sought the court to declare that they own Igbara land, alleging trespass by the second defendants community.

Similarly, the claimants wanted the court to order a perpetual injunction against the defendants entering into Igbara land, granting leases or making disposition.

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But in his Judgement, the Judge held that both Igbara and Igahachi land are contiguous parcels of land, declared that there is no dispute over the land boundaries as the claimants could not substantiate their claims, accordingly declared Igahachi owners of the land in dispute.

The case brought before Justice Alaba was one of the numerous cases instituted by communities, families, and individuals over Oworo land, says he hopes a day will come, when Oworo historians and chroniclers will record them as part of Oworo history.

He concluded that in the light of the inter communal nature of the dispute, ” I am of the view that sustenance of peace between igbara and igahachi communities is paramount, accordingly, order that the parties should bear no costs” consequently dismissed the second defendants request for a cost.

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