Dino died.

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By James Timothy Acheneje

We have a Red Chamber
Such that enacts moral ember
Upon which we cook our daily dainty. With such, men have their fills With such, some have become a deity And men must serve them on some hills.

There was a senator named Dino
Who gladdens our minds like Phino
Not so much like George Biro
But he did fan the embers with his oral billow.

“you speak the truth, you die,
You lie , you die, i will say the truth and die.”
And truly, Dino died.

The death of Dino is the death of parliament
The death of Dino is the birth of resentment,
His death is the beginning of tyranny
Which democrats won’t find funny.

His death is the death of democracy
It is the death of democratic advocacy,
It is the birth of democratic lunacy.
The end of Dino is the end of political sanity,
His legislative exit is the entrance of political brutality.

We may have the worse
But its death begets the worst
Check out Saraki and Lawal
The latter is now too loyal.
Compare Audu Adoja
And Bello Adoza.

But who killed Dino?
Integrity killed Dino.*


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