If power is allowed to be rotating, it will strengthen our brotherhood—Says Dr. Adulrahman

Governor Bello is a detribalised person and he ensured that there is fairness and justice in every thing he does.
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Dr Adeiza Musa Adulrahman is the Chairman Kogi Coalition of Umbrella Association comprises Igala, Ebira and Okun. In this interview he spoke on second term of Gov. Yahaya Bello and other issues.
Are you satisfied with the appointment made by the governor during his inauguration for second term?
I believe strongly that he knows the capacity of the people he has just appointed as commissioners because many of term have work directly or indirectly with him in the first tenure. Reappointing them shows that he has confident in them and I am sure they are capable to carry out the task ahead of them.
The governor have repose so much confident on them it is left for them to prove their worth by discharging their duty with the kind of trust the governor has for them. I pray to God Almighty to give each of the commissioner to wisdom to be able to justify the trust repose in them .
We can not really assess the calibre of the people he appointed as commissioners now but one thing I know is that the governor believe in equity, fairness and a detribalised person . In his first tenure his appointment cut across all the local government areas and am sure that for the purpose of fairness the recent appointment will also go round the local government areas .
In the first tenure of the governor security challenges was critically addressed but toward the end of the first tenure the activities of the criminal elements was on the rise what advise do you have for him?
It is a pervading social disorder across the entire country as of now, but as a representative of the people we will meet discuss and find ways of reaching out to the governor. We will put our suggestion together , harmonise it and advise him areas he can act fast to tackle the security challenges in the state because we are in a better position to advise him .
It is a fact that the society is dynamic , some of the miscreants have left another state to settle in Kogi state . we are in a position to advise him to spread his net again so that the miscreants don’t find a comfortable place to settle in the state .
I am aware of the recent security outfit that the governor has introduce that will ensure that there is adequate security of lives and property in the state . The governor no doubt have tried in the area of security and we are urging him not to relent because without adequate security nothing can be achieved.
I am optimistic that the type of dexterity he displayed in his first tenure in tackling insecurity in the state if he deployed that strength again , this second term Kogi state will be the most peaceful and secured state.
As a representative of the people in the state what did you want to Governor to do that will be different for what he has done in the first tenure.
I think there is infrastructural decay in the entire three senatorial districts . First and foremost while he is working on security which is paramount , we also wish that he focuses on infrastructural development of the state because that is the way people can be assured that there is investment in the state.
And once he can do that we will also appeal to him to ensure that the tourism potential of the state is fully harness because a lot of things are in the state that can attract foreign tourists but without security and huge investment on infrastructural development such desire can not be achieve for the state.
He should also focus on education because human resource development of any state is the treasure the state has and he should invest on education at all level and he should endeavor to pay bursary where necessary.
If he can do all of these and timely payment of salary to workers we will have the cause cerebrate his administration I am also aware of the financial challenges he is facing we are praying to God to create avenue for him to achieve for the state.
The governor is from Kogi central , do you any sign of power rotation in the state?
Power rotation in the state is timely. In the past we place this issue of power rotation among the three senatorial district to the late former governor Prince Abubakar Audu and this was to ensure fairness and justice in the state so that every district will feel wing part of the project called Kogi state.
If the power is allow to be rotating within the three senatorial districts I think that it will strengthen our brotherhood. We also agitated for the power rotation under Captain Wada’s administration and even former governor Ibrahim Idris but nothing comes out of it.
But looking at governor Bello’s style of administration that involve all inclusive without bias or sectionalism , I am urging him to implement this unprecedented measure in the interest of the state.
The issue of power rotation in Kogi State can be part of the law because many states have adopted that and it is working for them . We should also do that in the interest of Kogi people .
The state house of assembly should pass a bill and make it a state law that the power should be rotated within the three senatorial district of the state to mitigate future crises in the state.
Religious crises over Imamship in Ebira is still brewing what advise do you have for the governor in this area?
I think Ebira People Association have done a lot behind the scene on this particular issue to ensure we don’t allow it to become very volatile, over time we set up seven man committee to look into the matter , the committee met with the acting Chief Imman and Sheik Lukman Abdallah who is also aspiring for the position.
We have have extensive discussion with them and we also met the supreme council of Kogi central senatorial district and finally we have audience with the paramount ruler of the district His Royal Majesty the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland Dr Ado Ibrahim and the summary we got out of the whole issue was that both side are desirous of peace and we also appeal to them to show and act what they preach to people.
We made them to realise that Islam as a religion stands on peace and any thing that can undermine the peace should always be avoided. We also believe that the overriding peace maker of the state is the governor and we are hoping he will finally settled the matter in Kogi central and other areas that have similar challenges of chief Imamship.
The issue of Imamship is about knowledge, tolerance and acceptability, and there are laid down procedure for the appointment of chief imam right from the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We should therefore go back to the procedure to guide us so that we don’t go against the religion .
What is your view of the inauguration of governor Yahaya Bello
We are grateful to God that the governor and his deputy completed their first tenure and this is the beginning of a new era , an era of peace and we are assuring the support of our people across the three senatorial district of the state
Governor Bello is a detribalised person and he ensured that there is fairness and justice in every thing he does.
So in furtherance of that we will also want to play our allegiance to him to ensure that we do all that is possible to rally round our people behind him to ensure that the peace of the state is ensured and the unity of the state is assured.

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