GYB NEXT LEVEL: An Agenda Of Progress, Peace & Development For All Kogites

This talk if true by Natasha Akpoti, simply revealed the identity of a desperate woman with attributes of ‘pull him down syndrome’.
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By Abdul Raheem Mohammed
The resounding victory of His Excellency, the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, in his reelection at the November 16 Governorship poll, signified a new era of progress, security, peace, tranquility and development for the good people of Kogi State.
His Excellency remain ever committed to improving the welfare of all Kogites as well as the security of their lives and property irrespective of the region, tribe, culture, ethnicity, and political affiliations or differences.
It is no longer news that Gov. Bello won his reelection based on his popularity and acceptance among the good people of Kogi State across the three senatorial districts and by extension the 21 local government areas of the Confluence State.
As the chief security officer of Kogi State, the governor place premium value on the life of every citizen and resident of the State irrespective of political parties; hence his continuous determination to ensuring that Kogi State is safe for all including visitors.
The incidence of killings of a woman and a man at Ochadamu, was totally condemned by the governor in its entirety and His Excellency had since ordered the police to carryout a thorough investigation into the incidence and ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act are brought to justice.
However, what baffles me most was the alleged vituperation of Natasha Akpoti, the SDP gubernatorial candidate in Kogi election, for coming out on social media and claiming that ”We have seen Yahaya Bello’s hands upon the gruesome murder of Mrs. Ocheju Abu the PDP woman leader who was burnt alive in her home in Ofu LGA, in Kogi state”.
This talk if true by Natasha Akpoti, simply revealed the identity of a desperate woman with attributes of ‘pull him down syndrome’.
For Natasha Akpoti, a daughter of a well respected politician, late Dr. Akpoti, from Kogi Central to have allegedly accused Gov. Bello of having hand in the death of the PDP women leader, showed the inordinate ambition of a woman who had lost virtues in all senses to insist on peace.
It revealed the desperation by Natasha to dragging the name of her respected family to the mud; all in a bid to seek global sympathy in an untoward and unscrupulous manner by tarnishing the good image of our governor.
The emerging attitudes and disposition of Natasha Akpoti towards her people, has simply reveal that she may not be a true ebira daughter who loves peace and to allegedly make such senseless and unguarded statement following the history made by governor Bello an Ebira man.
I am however surprised, because her actions is clearly unexpected from a woman. Our African culture regards women as loving mothers who are concern about peace and who sit under the headship of a thoroughly breed African man to know when not to set a community at war. I believe we all know the right answer.
All I have to say is that let Natasha continue with her vituperations and hate speech against the peoples’ Governor; while the award winning ambassador of Peace and the Chief Security Officer of the State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, would continue to focus on good governance and doing what he knows best to do; which is delivering the dividends of democracy to the good people of Kogi State.
The good people of Kogi State across the three senatorial districts have reaffirmed their confidence in our pragmatic governor; the Kogi electorates have given His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello, their mandate to pioneer the affairs of the Confluence State till 2023; and not even Natasha or her cronies can obstruct that mandate.
Abdul Raheem Mohammed writes from Okehi LGA, Kogi State

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