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By Onujagbe Nasir.
1. November 16, 2019 was carefully chosen by the Independent National Electoratoral Commission (INEC) to re-write history in Kogi Politics, it is not just a date but an important epoch making day for Unity and brotherly Handshake across the Niger.
2. The day could be likened to June 12, 1993 when the Late, MKO, Abiola defeated his first line opponent, Alh. Bashiru Tofa in Kano, his homestead for a mark of Unity, Oneness and departure from Tribal bigot by Nigerians most especially the Northerners.
3. The election for the first time after the First Republic had created one Nigeria not based on Religion, Tribe and of course Resource ownership but on Merit and Trust for workable Nigeria. No wonder, President Muhammadu Buhari came to recognized the acclaimed winner Late, MKO Abiola and June 12,.election after 28yrs of its anullment by Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.
4. The North could have clinched to their own ( Tofa) but didn’t because they believes Nigeria was amalgamated on TRIPOD STAND, combination of Northern, Western and Eastern Protectorates. Having tasted power and ruled the Country earlier they deem it necessary to voluntarily voted the West for sense of belonging, Unity of purpose and ONE NIGERIA.
5. The election will be a replica of June 12, where we see GYB defeating Engr. Musa Wada of PDP in his homestead (IGALA) for the purpose of Unity and believe in the workability of Kogi State devoid of Tribe but “One State, One people, One colour ” — Lucky Dube.
6. In this scenario, the Igala nation is indeed expected to toe the characters exhibited by the North in June 12, election for Kogi State was also created on Tripod Stand like Nigeria. Therefore, there is no reasons whatsoever, for power to domicile in one Zone if Peace is to reign.
7. Kogi West had just declared their support for the Central, the good people of the East are equally expected to unequivocally counter the “no vision” purported self acclaimed Stakeholders from the Zone and wield their full support for total Unity and brighter future of our children’s generation.
8. The general Kogites have voted Igala for Governor for good sixteen years unbroken before the Barton changed by Providence in 2015.
This is the first time Igala vote is been sought for in the last 28yrs of Kogi State. The World is watching.
9. Greed has no place in a progressive Society i believe firmly they will do the needful by voting the Central in appreciation and recognition of 16yrs Support and loyalty.
10. The election is an Acid Test on the tolerance and acceptance of other tribes by the Igalas for brotherhood, justice, equity and peaceful co-existence. In GOD we Trust.
#I StandForTruth.

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